Day 171: Zombies? hmm…

So, today’s blog may be a bit contrary to my normal ramblings. I want to talk for a bit about technology. You know, I’m not against technology, but I am personally working to not be so controlled by technology, and to counter the overuse of technology in our society, especially when it interferes with connecting with others.

Technology can be a connector, and it certainly can encourage competition. My son downloaded an app to encourage him to start running again. Both he, and his wife, used to run quite a bit, but they haven’t run much lately. He downloaded an app that is a combination of a game, and a tracker, and a motivator. It’s called Zombies Run, and those who run with the app can choose various storylines and distances to run. The user listens to the story during the run, and from time-to-time, zombies come out, via the earbuds, and chase the runner to spur on a sprint.

My son has been on a run or two, and today, I saw that my daughter-in-love also did a zombie run. Her comment? “Exhausted!” Their enthusiasm sure creates an interest in at least trying it.

I’m not a zombie fan, but I am considering a zombie app, simply because I want to learn to run and be more fit. I hate running, but I might do it if I had a reason to run. A game and few zombies chasing me might be that reason. Anyone else interested in trying?

DAY 171 HOMEWORK: Today’s note isn’t about connecting, but it is about self-care. What will it take for you to do something good for yourself? It might not be zombies (and it may not end up being for me), but find something that motivates you. Even if you don’t believe in it. I’m working on it, too.



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