Day 174: The Events Crew

I’m starting to get a spring in my step as I think about the potential we have for connecting people in my church with the events that are happening. I know that may seem silly, but when you go to a very large church, it can be difficult to know what’s going on, or where you should even begin.

I’ve talked about #TheWorshipSociety a couple of times, and my crew in the society is Events. I started out this past year doing the Adult Ministries magazine, just to get people connected. Kids seem to have an easier time knowing what’s going on and getting their parents to take them places; but parents? That’s a more difficult challenge. So I’ve been working with some of the staff members to get the magazine produced. It’s starting to take off as a communications piece, and I hope to find people who can take over some of the production of it, because I’d really like to figure out how to tell the stories of what’s going on, and broaden the scope of communicating events through all ages.

My goal is to reach out to all the ministry leaders and get them on the Events crew. I’d like to find each of them volunteers who would be willing to blog, and post on FB or Instagram, or who would write stories. The ministry leaders don’t have time to do it all themselves. And finding people to help out will get more people connected and involved. It’s a cascading win for all.

My friend, Marie, is willing to help out, so we’re going to meet soon to start brainstorming ways to expand this venture. I’m also planning on meeting with one of the ministry leaders this Saturday so we can start a conversation.

That’s why my step is light. It seems like it’s all falling into place. And, while it’s difficult to orchestrate the vision God’s given me while working the amount I do in Nashville, I know it’s not impossible…and God is going to do great things through connections…because it’s all on Him in the first place. Want to jump on board?

DAY 174 HOMEWORK: Please join me on the Events Crew if you live in Middle Tennessee. If you don’t, what can you do to start connecting people where you are? I promise you, it may seem hard to get started, but it will all come together. Take it a bit at a time.


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