Day 177: Taxes, and being taxed

Tax week. It’s our favorite time of the year. Usually, I’m pretty good at getting my taxes done early, but waited until today to do them. That’s pretty last minute for me, since this was my last free day before taxes have to be turned in.

I don’t mind doing taxes, but I do mind that it took up most of the afternoon. It took up time to connect with others, to have a restful and relaxing family day. I was also hoping to meet up with a friend. But after sitting several hours at the computer, I really didn’t want to do anything else but to vegetate when I was done. Thus, my blog is even late today, without initiative to pick up the computer again. Thankfully, the goal has motivated me one more time, so I picked up the computer and reflected on the day.

On a positive note, I did connect with a couple of leaders today, who are over various areas of ministry at church. They seem interested in finding better ways to communicating their events so I was really happy to have had a chance to talk about our Events communication crew. As soon as I got home from church, though, I dove right into taxes.

While I was doing the forms, I kept remembering our neighbor who recently posted that he had to get a second job at Zaxby’s, dressed up as a chicken, until his tax debt was paid off. It cracked me up when I saw it, and it kept me motivated as I worked my way through it. At least we don’t have to be paid chickens…not for now.

Now that we checked this off our list, we can get back to focusing on each other.

DAY 177 HOMEWORK: I hope that you’ve finished up your taxes. If you haven’t, you have a few days left, but it’s better not to hold off until the very last minute. For those of you who are tax CPAs (you know who you are), hang in there…just a few days left and then you can breathe again and return to a normal way of connecting…first with yourself and then with your families. 🙂


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