Day 178: Wisdom teeth and lack thereof

My son had his wisdom teeth out today. I went to work this morning, but wanted to be home this afternoon as he was recuperating so that his wife could run to the store and pick up what they needed. He was fine and slept most of the afternoon, so I used some of the time to catch up on some work email before I ran to the grocery to get some soft foods to have around the house for the next few days. When I got back from the grocery, he was looking much better and felt like eating some jello.

I finally got to sit down for a few minutes, and opened up Facebook to catch up when I came across aDAY  post on our home town page. A guy was really frustrated because a bunch of people have started posting sarcastic posts so the site so it’s not that useful anymore…and some people are even afraid to ask questions because they’re afraid they’re going to get ridiculed by this group of hijackers. It makes me sad because I know some of the hijackers, and I know that they profess to be Christians. It has made something that could be positive about our community turn into something that isn’t at all positive.

Yes, I know it’s irritating to see people post the same thing over and over again. The jokes about dentist offices and mattress stores are getting really old. And I like sarcastic humor most of the time, but in ridiculing people in the community, these people are shutting down potential for people to feel safe. Some people are not as new to social media and searching a page as others and may have just discovered the site; yet asking a question that’s already been asked by lots of people before brings on the hijackers and the whole thread turns negative and sometime quite ugly.

This group has even tried to start a new home town page where people can have more meaningful conversation, but I’ve not seen anything come out of this page because they seem to be too busy playing their ridicule bingo game. It makes me sad.

Obviously, I didn’t stay on Facebook long because I don’t want to get mired in the muck…someone’s calling, so I’d better go get some more jello.

DAY 178 HOMEWORK: Show a bit of empathy and patience with people who keep asking the same questions, especially on social media. You have the opportunity to show compassion and love, and if it gets too irritating, you can always walk away. The “log out” button” works pretty well.


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