Day 179: Free!

Transformation happens continuously, but when you can actually see it, it burns a sense of contentment and joy within that can shoot out and light up a whole room. I’m seeing it in me, and I’m seeing it around me. I’ve been talking a bunch to others about the journey I’ve been on, and encouraging them reach outside themselves as well.

I’m seeing joy in others where before there was mostly frustration. They’re doing things they’ve never done before, or at least haven’t done in a long time. And when the moments of discouragement set in, they are still rising above them because of the little stores of joy that they’ve held close as they take positive steps. It feels as good for me to see the changes in others as much or even more than it is to see the changes in me.

When I got home today, I saw a meme my friend posted on Facebook. It said: Flawsome: An individual who embraces their flaws and knows they’re awesome regardless. How perfect is that!  Yes, we’re all imperfect, but we are all uniquely awesome. We’re flawsome!

And, then, to top off my day and the happy moments of change I had witnessed, we were watching The Voice tonight, and Pharrell Williams said to one of the contestants, “We never know when we’re in our own jail until we set ourselves free.” He was talking about music, of course, but I thought how appropriate his sentiment was for this journey of Finding Kindreds. I know I had imprisoned myself for a long time, and it really does feel better on the other side of the prison.

DAY 179 HOMEWORK: What types of jail have you put yourself in? Set yourself free. Join us in this journey. If you need to, start back at Day 1, and take it a day at a time.


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