Day 182: An afternoon out

It was a glorious day in Middle Tennessee. My boss took the HR Leadership team offsite for a couple of hours this afternoon, and we sat and laughed about nonsense. The windows were open at the restaurant, and a beautiful breeze was blowing across us. We unwound and enjoyed each others’ company. It was a great end to a crazy week.

Silly, but I hadn’t really wanted to take an afternoon to have fun. With a conference next week, I had a ton to do to get everything in line for the week ahead. Yesterday afternoon, I had written a few drafts of announcements that needed to go out. It took me several hours because we’re announcing 30 or so promotions in 4 or 5 groups, much more complicated than a one-person announcement. I got 4 of them to a good place, and hit Send on each of them. I was hoping to have 3 co-workers proof and provide missing information for them, but the emails went out into cyberspace and totally disappeared! No one received them, and they weren’t in my outbox, drafts box, or my sent folder. Frustrated, I closed up my computer and went home.

This morning, I asked our IS team to take a look to see if they could find the email somehow. With everything else on my plate, I didn’t have time to re-do those announcements, but they need to go out next week while I’m out. If IS can recover them, then at least my teammates will have a draft to start from to send them out next week.

Even though I didn’t get everything done that I needed to do, there’s still time to finish things this weekend, and this afternoon’s outing was a refreshing necessity for our whole team. While I don’t like leaving things undone, the work will get finished. Well-being and taking time out to breathe is critical, from time-to-time, for us all.

DAY 182 HOMEWORK: Take some time out for your well-being, even if it feels like you have too much to do. It will be worth it, and the work will get done somehow. Most times, being refreshed even makes it easier to get work done. So…just do it.


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