Day 183: Floors and more

Another beautiful spring day! And, it’s a Saturday! How often does that happen?

My sister and I were off to price tile for her renovation. We stopped by one place and saw lots of beautiful flooring samples, and then, after dropping my daughter-in-love off at work, we dropped by a home improvement store to look at a few other things my sister need to price.

Next, we headed across the street to a grand opening at a new flooring store. It was like walking into a carnival; it was hard to decide where to look. One display was more beautiful than the next. We stood in line for a few minutes to try to win a million dollars (ha!) at an impossible game. Then, we wandered for an hour or two up and down the aisles. We were starting to get hungry, and someone said there was food outside. They had hired  a food truck to give complimentary tacos away. We had the southern chicken taco, and it was so yummy! We ate outside and enjoyed the sunshine before heading back in the store.

My sister found just about all she was looking for, and I found a deal on some tiles for an outdoor patio area…just .59 cents a square foot! I was expecting to pay 2 or 3 times that amount for the project, so I was thrilled.

What I enjoyed more than anything was how friendly the staff at the store was. Of course, this was their grand opening, but we were asked over and over again if we needed help (in a non-irritating way). And people didn’t just ask, they were conversational, and had interesting input into design ideas. The guy who helped me didn’t know how much the delivery charges were because I was the first customer who had asked him about that. He kept apologizing to me for the delay, but I told him to take his time. I wasn’t in a hurry. Besides, I said, we’re giving you experience so you’ll know what to do for the next time. He was appreciative, and quite helpful in many ways. He took us up to the cashier and even called out her name from ten feet away. She smiled a wide grin.

A guy at the store came into our conversation and told us what he liked best about the store was the people who owned the store. They brought so many good people into the company, and he started raving about his coworkers.

That kind of community is irreplaceable. They can have the most beautiful flooring at the best prices, and without community, there’s potential to drive people away. But with the type of community they have, it will make people want to go back again and again. I know I do! Are they open tomorrow?

DAY 183 HOMEWORK: What kind of community are you building where you work, or play, or volunteer? Real community just oozes out, so make it real for lasting results.


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