Day 184: Who’s looking now?

We watched a segment on 60 Minutes tonight about how easy it is to be hacked or spied on. It was unnerving. Any phone can be hacked if someone knows the phone number. If you download something on your phone, it could be malware, and even with no notification, or a black screen, people could be watching you through the camera. You don’t even know it!

Does that make you a little nervous? How often have you surfed Facebook or played a game while sitting on the toilet? Does that put it in a different perspective?

The guy they interviewed said most of the general public won’t be hacked in this way, but that somehow didn’t make me feel better. They could listen in on people’s phone conversations, or read texts.

The biggest problem, they said, is that people are too trusting.  People will download stuff they’re sent and simply believe that others have their best intention in mind. Even if it’s a friend, they could forward something that has a virus.

I don’t want us to lose our trust in one another, but there’s a difference between trusting people who have proven themselves, and trusting everyone and everything blindly. I used to be that way, but unfortunately, life has taught me the hard way that we cannot do that. Fortunately, the wisdom I’ve gained through those experiences has protected me. My heart tends to go that way by nature, so when I see that I could be vulnerable just by trusting, it makes me a bit sad, but a bit more alert. Hope it helps you, too!

DAY 184 HOMEWORK: Be more alert, and don’t take your phone into the bathroom!


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