Day 185: A soul patch

My first time to Arizona, and wow! Is it pretty! Palm trees and cacti. Mountains and plains. It seems a mixture of everything. I didn’t know what to expect, but I didn’t expect not being hot in 90-some degree weather. And I didn’t expect the mountains.

I’m in Scottsdale for a few days for a work conference. I went to this same conference last year in Toronto. Toronto was also beautiful, but cold in April. Arizona is a much better destination! I’m sure it was the same week, because last year, my son turned 25 and I sent him a video message from Toronto. This week, my birthday message to him will come from the southwest.

The other great thing about this conference being in Scottsdale is that I got to spend a few hours tonight with a kindred spirit. Fifteen years my junior, she and I still connect on deep levels. I’ve known Alissa and her husband, Matt, since 2005, when they lived in Middle Tennessee. Today, I met their two adorable little boys. We’ve had their pictures on our fridge forever, but there’s nothing like putting a personality to a photo. And I saw Matt for a few minutes when he stopped by to pick up the boys so Liss and I could eat dinner. Matt looked the same, except that he had a little soul patch under his lip.

Anyway, I often talk about those people who you naturally click with. Even when you don’t see them for years, you can just fall back into a natural rhythm when you’re together again. That’s how it is with us and the Peppleys; with me and Liss. My soul somehow feels rejuvenated tonight after catching up on the news since the last time we were together. I know we could have talked for a few more hours if we’d had it. Our evening together was my soul patch.

We’ll have to come back to Arizona sometime on a vacation. It certainly is beautiful, and there’s lots to see, but even more important than the landscape is the beauty of a friendship that is timeless.

DAY 185 HOMEWORK: Have a kindred you haven’t seen in a while? It may not be possible to see them physically, especially if they live far away, but at least pick up the phone and FaceTime with them. If they are truly a kindred, it will do something for your soul.


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