Day 186: Leaving an indelible mark

We just finished the last of 4 two-hour classes today, and I’m beat! Wow! The classes today, all about internal branding, were fascinating, all led by great storytellers.

The first guy today had way too much for the amount of time he had to talk. I was wishing there was more time because his discussion was good, but his message architecture and matrix was towards the end of the presentation and we didn’t have time to go over it adequately. I’m hopeful they’ll send his slides.

The second session was my favorite. It was by a guy who has a business helping edit videos people make from their smartphones. He gave us 19 smartphone video tips as well as equipment recommendations, and then gave us an assignment. We had to interview someone in the class on our phones, and upload the video along with 3 other b-roll shots (close up, medium shot, and wide shot), and then we got back together and discussed what was good about the videos and what could have better. Two of my videos were selected as samples and I got some really good feedback about what was good, and what I should have done differently.

The third guy was my second favorite. He shared a recent study that said we now spend more time at work than we do asleep. Did you know that we’re 22 times more likely to remember a story than facts? And, we’re bombarded by more than 105,000 digital words per day? Too many interesting pieces to share! But, it’s no wonder our faces are stuck in our phones all day. We’re hearing stories and seeing messages that exceed even the number of spoken words most women need to put out in a day! Anyway, this guy gave us lots of useful forms to identify the key elements of a brand. I really could have listened to him for hours because he went from one story to the next, telling what various well-known companies have done well and what they should work on.

The final class of the day was by a guy who teaches at a college in Massachusetts, and he also had worked with some well-known companies over the years. He had just a few slides and spoke from his heart about simplifying the process about brand. His philosophy is that the employer brand should be the customer brand.

Everyone today was really talking about how today’s workforce should be who the business listens to. They should be happy at their companies. When we list to what they say, they will tell us what our brand is, and then we can work to change the parts that aren’t matching up to what we say vs. what our employees or our customers say.

I came away with lots of good articles, books, tips, and some new friends who do what I do on a daily basis. For me, one of the key takeaways from this type of conference is that I really do know what I’m doing. Sometimes I feel like a fraud, but I am skilled, and I need to embrace my Flawsome self.

DAY 186 HOMEWORK: What’s your story? We are all storytellers, and we need to remember that we each have our own brand. If you’re not living up to what you think your brand is or should be, there’s time to work on it so that you can bring yourself into alignment. Start with a one sentence summary of what your personal brand is. That’s enough for tonight.





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