Day 187: They had me at Hello

Where to begin when this day was so packed full of interesting information? It was literally 11 hours worth of brand talking today. Here are some of the little bits of wisdom I gathered today:

  • Ask only the questions you will listen to and do something about.
  • Brand perception is in everyone’s mind, so it doesn’t matter what you SAY is the brand if others are perceiving your brand another way.
  • Talk to your employees like you want them to talk to your customers (Translate that to parenting: Talk to your kids the way you want them to talk to others.)
  • Communication is not about getting a message out; it’s about getting a message through.
  • Millennials are not narcissists; “young people” are narcissists and they get over themselves as they grow older. (You may have to think about that one a bit.)

We did a cool exercise on finding the voice of a brand, and the part about that exercise I liked best was personifying the brand. If your brand were a person, what clothes does your brand wear? What actor would play your brand? What is one thing your brand always does? What is one thing your brand never does? When you can personify your brand, then you know what type of language to use in your communications, and you know what type of tone to use. This exercise challenged me to rethink the way I’m communicating with people on a daily basis.

Of course, I got some great advice about how to solve some of my obstacles in communicating as we talked about each other’s work problems, and since all of us at this conference are some type of communicators, we were all problem solving not only for others, but also to apply some of our own advice on ourselves. It’s so awesome when you spend time with people who get you, and you don’t even have to explain what it is that you’re feeling. It’s that “You had me at ‘hello'” type of understanding.

Finally, this evening, I chatted for a long while with one of the speakers who mentioned a couple things about neurotransmitters. It’s her passion, and so it was fascinating to hear her views. I may not get this 100% correct, but she talked about how cortisol (a bad chemical to the brain) and oxytocin (a good chemical to the brain) cannot exist together. Cortisol comes when you’re stressed or afraid, and oxytocin is what makes you feel connected and creative. She said it is physically impossible to be innovative if you’re dealing with too much stress. She said if you want to be more creative, then you have to reduce stress, change scenery, and do things a differently. (ie…don’t sit in your cubicle all day long). And she said you have to do things to get serotonin to your brain (take a short walk in the sunshine, etc.)

I definitely have to do more research on neurotransmitters; my brain is exploding with oxytocin and serotonin right now. Despite the brain overload, it’s feeling content and connected after this great day.

DAY 187 HOMEWORK: Pick out one thing from this day’s notes that you feel will help you in your journey, and then put it into practice. Don’t do more than one for today.


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