Day 189: Just be real

Tonight, I’ll be short. It’s been a brain-overload week and it caught up with me hard today.  I’ve been walking around in a fog, and can barely put a coherent thought together. (I’m so thankful it’s the weekend! And it’s going to be a beautiful one, at that!)

I’m sharing a video that someone showed at the conference this week. Since it was a communicator’s conference, the speaker was trying to reinforce the idea of writing in real-people language, instead of showering everyone with big words and jargon. Obviously, we were kindreds; that kind of thing drives me crazy, too! Of course, we all use jargon of sorts, and sometimes a big word can express an idea better than a small one, but we can all work to say things in a less complicated and less showy way.

DAY 189 HOMEWORK: Watch and enjoy! And if you have this tendency, work on it, and I’ll bet you’ll see eyes start to unglaze all around you. 🙂


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