Day 190: 26-year-old wisteria dream

I love days like today. Of course, it was a Saturday, so that is a good reason. It was also perfect weather. Sunny and blue skies, warm with a gentle breeze. Absolutely perfect. My daughter-in-love and I drove into Nashville to visit a large nursery that had wisteria.

I’ve been wanting grow wisteria for 26 years. I actually planted a very small wisteria “tree” up north when my son was little bitty, but the tree didn’t take off and I said I wouldn’t try again until I had a place that would work well. I researched what I needed for soil amenders and also looked up the hardiest types of wisteria for this area. Then we took off.

Before we dropped by the nursery, we stopped for lunch at Barbara Mandrell’s house. Ha! It’s a tourist place now, but they have a great little cafe there that has delicious food, and it was only a mile from the nursery.

Then we stopped by the nursery to pick up the wisteria. While there, we found some other flowering vines, so I bought a couple versions of honeysuckle that had come up as hardy to middle Tennessee. I also bought a bit of ground cover and some stuff to break up the clay soil in our yard.

The wisteria was too big to fit in the car (it’s an SUV), so we opened the sunroof. I’m sure we looked adorable driving down the interstate with a bush sticking out the top of our car. And we drove slowly to make sure everyone had the chance to see how adorable we were. šŸ˜‰

We dug up the yard for the plants as soon as we got home and when we were done, I didn’t want to go in the house, despite being full of mud and sweat. It was so gorgeous out, and I was admiring the work we did today. Such an overwhelming feeling of satisfaction and joy!

But I needed to take a shower to get ready for dinner. We were taking our son out for his birthday tonight. He turned 26 this week, and this was our first chance to celebrate together.Ā I know we’ve done all we could to help our son to grow into the man he is today. I’m so proud of who he is and his heart that’s as big as Texas.

As far as the wisteria goes,Ā I hope that we’ve done everything right to make it grow. Time is the best indicator, but I can sleep sweeter tonight knowing that we’ve taken some solidĀ steps to try this dream again.

DAY 190 HOMEWORK: Do you have an old dream? Pull it out and dust it off. As long as you have breath, it’s not too late to work on it, even if it seems too faded!


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