Day 191: DIY disappointment

I learned today that I’m not as able as I used to be, but my brain doesn’t stop thinking up home projects. I love to work hard and be a great assistant, but I’m at a place where I’ve got to hire some things done if I want to see them finished in my lifetime.

The family stopped by my sister’s house after church today to see how her renovation is going. She’s got someone adding on a family room, laundry room and bathroom to the back of her house, and it’s looking good. It’s taking time, but it’s getting done well, steadily. As much as I love renovation and home projects, I can’t do it consistently with my work schedule, and without the camaraderie of my family working alongside me. That’s half the fun of renovation; seeing what we can accomplish together. Of course, not everyone has my same taste for projects, so it often just feels like extra work to them, and we’re all so busy these days, running in different directions.

So, I’m working on my backyard and we bought some blocks today to level out one portion of the yard. Clearly, my husband is not able to work these heavy projects anymore. With soft massage hands the past few years, he is not calloused enough, and I don’t want him to have any issues that would be a detriment to any of his clients. Poor guy ripped his hands open lifting the blocks into the truck. He did help me get all the stuff into the back yard. Once I got the first block placed, we saw how much gravel and other filler we’re going to be needing before we can even start on the rest of the project. That’s when it hit us…we need to hire someone. That makes me a little sad, because there’s nothing like the satisfaction of creating something yourself, but I would like to see it all done while we’re still able to enjoy it. So I’m going to start looking for someone who can do some handyman work for us.

I’m hoping that the process will allow me to get involved along the way, but I’ll keep you posted throughout the summer. One thing I’ve learned is that these types of projects are a great way to connect for me…it’s community-building, and doing things more on my own just isn’t as fun. Maybe Habitat for Humanity is the way I’ve got to go.

DAY 191 HOMEWORK: What are those things that give you joy when working with others? If you don’t get the chance to do them like you used to do, maybe now’s the time to find another outlet as a substitute.


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