Day 192: Empathy or opinion?

I’ve been following this guy from the TBI that I saw at a seminar. He talks about micro-expressions and body language, and I’m pretty sure I’ve written about him before, but this fascinating guy deserves a repeat. Today, he was talking about the limbic system and psychopaths. Most people, in fear, raise their eyebrows, open their eyes and their mouths. Psychopaths have no reaction, no emotion, he says, about anything…not babies, not puppies, not anything that would bring the most stoic amongst us to tears. These people are not moved.

I have a hard time imagining that. I’m so on the opposite end of the spectrum. Too much of a good thing can also be a problem; I tend to be moved by everything. It’s a trait I usually like, but it can be a weakness. If someone is upset, my empathy can let me defer to that person, even if I know that I have better direction, and they would agree after they calm down. Many times, I let people have their way if it doesn’t make that big of difference to me. It’s can be a disservice to them, but it’s part of the weakness. I’m working to determine when it matters and when it doesn’t, and even more, I’m trying to decide when my knowledge is really a better direction and when it’s my pride holding on to an opinion. I know there’s no shame in apologizing when I’m wrong, but I’d rather be thoughtful before pushing an agenda that is either unimportant or off-base.

As I work on my weaknesses (that can be strengths) and strengths (that can be weaknesses), I realize that knowing and understanding is half the battle. I’m hoping my kindreds will come alongside me and help me to grow.

DAY 192 HOMEWORK: If you disagree with my thoughts, please set me straight. Is it better to push an opinion and have to apologize if you’re wrong, or to let an opinion go if it doesn’t seem that important?


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