Day 193: Who tells you the truth?

On the way home from work today, I heard an artist talking about one of her songs on the radio. She said she never writes songs that she can’t live authentically, because the moment she does, someone will call her out. She said it was God’s way of keeping her honest. She actually said she welcomed the accountability from those who know her. Then, she emphasized that the devil’s biggest tool is to make people feel isolated, and that we should not let ourselves fall prey to that trick.

Her comments made me think. We’re not all songwriters (though most people in Nashville think they are), so we don’t all have a band or fans to hold us accountable, but what kind of accountability could we have?

Some may be lucky enough to have good buddies close by. If that’s the case, someone who is a kindred will hold them accountable. Some may have an affinity group or a small group of some sort and can have people in that group to hold them accountable. Another way of finding an accountability partner is to hire someone. I don’t mean buying a friend…but what about a coach? That works in exercise, and in business, so why not personally? And then some, like me, have many good friends far away. There have been times in my life where those long-distance friends have held me accountable. We’ve done Bible studies online, and keep in touch digitally and by phone, but we rarely get time in person. Still, it  is a viable option. Of course, having connections in person is important, but accountability doesn’t have to be in person. It can come from lots of different places, as long as we’re not letting ourselves be isolated. That’s the key.

DAY 193 HOMEWORK: Who helps you live authentically? If you don’t have an accountability partner, figure out what you need do in order to get one in your life.


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