Day 194: Bring Your Kids to Work

I’m posting early today because I’m off to Paducah for a Bring Your Kids to Work day tomorrow. We have about 65 kids from age 7-15 coming to learn more about the barging industry. Every kid is supposed to have at least 1 parent along, so quite a few people will be spending their day at our facility in Kentucky.

I’m running the lock & dam exhibit. It’s a cool display that shows how gates open and close and how the water raises and lowers to shift heavy boats from one elevation to another. We’ve got a Coast Guard rescue exhibit, and a towboat tour. They’ll learn how to throw a line, if they want to, or at least watch how the deckhands do it. There’s lots to learn about our industry, and I think it’s really cool that company is taking a day to teach the new generations what it’s all about.

I’ll have lots of connections to tell you about Thursday night when I get back. Until then, here’s something for you to work on.

DAY 194 HOMEWORK: Take the day to find 10 positive things about yourself to pour into your life. It will energize your spirit and give you a bit of positivity to carry you through the day.


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