Day 196: Another step forward

I’ve joined an online book group. It’s a local group, but we’re going to share our ideas on Facebook rather than in person.

There was an introductory post where everyone told a bit about themselves. All of the ladies in the group, so far, are readers. There’s not another noticeable trait in common, so it should be quite interesting to see how they view the world.

The first book we’re reading is in May and it’s fiction. As much as I love to read, most of my reading tends to be for business, so I’m looking forward to getting into a story, having a deadline to read this book, and having people to discuss it with. I’ve not read much fiction in the past few years.

I don’t know much about the book yet, but they did give a quick overview and it’s something about amnesia and trying to figure out what happened over a ten-year period. Should be interesting. I checked the page today and some people have already finished it, so I guess I’d better go pick it up. I hope I can keep up.

I keep putting myself out there, not knowing if I’m going to connect or not, but when you can find interests in common, it seems more likely that you’ll have something you can chat about. And joining in on this type of thing puts you in a more neutral place so you can even be guarded if you’re nervous.

DAY 196 HOMEWORK: Search out a group you can join. Make it something you’re interested in so you’ll have a harder time making excuses why you can’t do it. Come on…I know you do that, too. 🙂 So jump in with both feet, and start connecting.



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