Day 197: Saturdays are for enjoying

It was another delightful day in Nashville. The Nashville marathon was this morning, and my brother-in-law ran. He only did the half this year, and since he got up before the sun, that left my sister for me today. My daughter-in-love and I decided to do some running this morning, and my sister came along.

She wanted to drop off a pie to a coworker who lost her father this week in a TDOT accident, so we stopped there first. What a sweet moment of connection for her. Then, we drove into Nashville to close to my office because there was free shred day. I had three bags of papers to shred, so for a small donation to the American Legion, we helped them and the shred company helped us. It was a win-win. The eyes of the sweet gentlemen in the their uniforms glistened with gratefulness. I was grateful  for them, too.

Since we were close to my office, we stopped by there so I could show them where I spend most of time each week. A coworker had also stopped in to do a little work, so we talked with her for a minute, and then we drove to south Nashville to see a kitchen and bath store. Next door was a granite and marble store that I got lost in. One piece of stone was more beautiful than the other. I marveled at the work of God’s hand to create such beauty from minerals. I learned a lot from the lady in the store, and decided when I can remodel my kitchen, I want leathered granite rather than marble. I’m going to start saving my money now. Then we walked around the kitchen and bath store. Wow! There was a ton of beautiful stuff in that store, but we must not have looked like we could afford anything there because no one asked if they could help us.

Next, we ran to Party City to pick up some over the hill stuff. My boss reaches a milestone birthday this week, so we want to make sure she feels special. It was getting late. We had to leave Cool Springs by 1:30 because my daughter-in-love had to be at work at 2:30. We had  about a half-hour to spare. We were hungry and I had to pick up a few things at Costco, so while I shopped, my sister and daughter-in-love got salads and sat down to eat. We left exactly on time, dropped off my sister, and got my daughter-in-love to work at exactly 2:30. I had a facial at the spa at 3, so by the time I got on the table, I was certainly ready for a little relaxation.

It was a full day, and as I drifted off to my happy place, I was so happy for a full and beautiful day.

DAY 197 HOMEWORK: Reflect back on your day. Did you spend it the way you wanted to and get the things done that were on your to-do list? If not, is there something you can work on better for next week? Maybe it’s making a list, or getting up earlier, or just making plan with a friend. Whatever it is, resolve to try it next weekend.


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