Day 200: Literal kindreds can be kindreds too

I was so fortunate to grow up with praying parents. There were many days when I’d walk in a room to see them kneeling down by some piece of furniture, pleading with God about whatever was on their hearts. With my mom gone almost 19 years, I can still count on my dad to pray for me. Sometimes, he’ll sing his prayer over me, but he’s not one who will just say he’s praying for you. He will actually speak it (or sing it) while he’s still talking about whatever issues there are.

In reality, his prayers to God tend to be a continuation of his conversation with a person. He’s the perfect example of what Paul called “praying continuously.” He talks to you, and then prays out loud, and then finishes his thought he started before the prayer.

Over the years, in many a troubling situation, his love and prayers have been a strong foundation. I’m so grateful for my daddy.

DAY 200 HOMEWORK: You may feel embarrassed to pray out loud, but it can a mean a lot. And if you say you’re praying for someone or send them a praying hands icon, don’t forget to actually pray.


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