Day 202: Prickly may not be all bad

When we first moved into our home in 2003, we were the last house in the subdivision. There were no houses behind us, only trees that came up to within 15 feet of our back door. The subdivision is called Greentree because there were so many of them at one time. The deer used to walk through our back yard, and we saw all sorts of beautiful birds: bright blue buntings and cardinals and myriads of color.

We walked through the fields and the farmlands that were up the hill and imagined buying a little piece of land up there because the view of the hills and the valley were so beautiful. It was a wonderful place to hike, and explore.

As they started to build homes past ours, we used to walk through the construction to see what the builders were dreaming up. There are some beautiful homes that go up the hill beyond our place. But the beautiful view started to fill up with beautiful homes and became blocked.

One time when my family came to visit, my brothers and I walked one of the roads they were roughing in for the new construction area. My oldest brother has a green thumb and he came upon some cactus growing wild. He dug it up and we transplanted it in our front garden. After a few years, the plants in our front garden started to grow so large that the cactus was getting buried beneath them, so I dug it up again and moved it to a little space that had more visibility for the cactus, at the bottom of a climbing rose.

The past few years, the cactus has been most annoying. Every time I try to mulch or weed the area, my hands simply come out with a ton of prickles in them. Last year, I thought, “I’m not sure what I was thinking, but I think it’s time for it to go.” And then when my rose died in this year’s frost, I was certain it was all going to go so I could start over.


Tonight, when I got home, I noticed that the cactus is getting some sort of buds on it. It may even bloom! Something that lay dormant for so long may just be coming to life, just when I was getting ready to throw it away. I’m going to hang in there a while longer and watch what happens. It has great potential to turn into a thing of beauty.

DAY 202 HOMEWORK: Do you have something irritating you need to hang in there for…just a bit longer? It may become a thing of beauty, so have patience.


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