Day 205: Living is easy with eyes closed

It’s strawberry season in middle Tennessee, and we went a-picking today. It was my daughter-in-love’s first time picking berries. The sun was shining brightly, and there was a beautiful breeze blowing over the field, so it was not unbearable, even with a high sun. We each grabbed a bucket and headed towards the middle of the field. The strawberries were plentiful, and brilliant red, and soon my bucket was nearly full with some large, juicy berries. The others were a bit slower in filling their buckets, so I showed them how to lift the leaves to look for where the berries were hiding. At the same time, a man came down the row and told us there were large berries near the end of the row, so we moved further along.

A family with three small children were picking near us and I could tell that the parents were doing such a great job raising them. They were collaborating, and one of the little girls kept saying, “Thank you, daddy.” She looked to be about 5, and so polite. The family had a little completion going on to see who could find the biggest strawberry, and the weirdest berry. My son had picked up one berry that looked like a catcher’s mitt. The berries had mutated and were growing like grapes on one stem. Lucas walked up to the family and told them he might have won their competition. They were all fascinated with his find, and a few minutes later, one of the little girls came back and took a picture of his berry.

As I looked across the field, I saw all types of families and they were all working together to fill their buckets. They were chatting other families around them, and everyone (but the teenage boy in the check-out line in front of me) had smiles. It was a great way to connect with others in the community, and in specific families. And just a moment out in the sun, and integrating with other families, made this Mother’s day a kindred day.

DAY 205 HOMEWORK: I hope you enjoyed your day. If you didn’t get out today, find something going on in your community and go spend an hour or so. Be sure to make eye contact, and conversation, with those around you.


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