Day 206: Giant-sized faith

I only have 150 days left in my year-long goal. Where has the time passed?

God’s been working on my faith lately. You know, believing in what you can’t see?

I was thinking about David when he faced Goliath. I don’t know for sure how old he was, but all the storybooks show him as a boy. One version calls David an “adolescent” and said Goliath was a warrior from his youth. That tells me that however old Goliath was, he had been fighting since he was about David’s age, and David? He only fought off the wild animals who came after the family sheep. OK. He killed some scary animals. But is that enough to go up against a huge man? He’s relatively new to this warrior thing. David tells Goliath, “Today, God will deliver you into my hand… and I’m going to cut off your head.” Goliath had to have choked on his scoff.

David’s confidence in God was bold. He said everyone there would know that God doesn’t save by fighting, “for the battle is the Lord’s, and He will give you into our hands.” And God did just that. An itty, bitty stone flew up and hit Goliath smack-dab between his eyes and he fell over, stunned enough so that David could pick up his sword and chop off the giant’s head.

That’s faith. That’s believing what God said. That’s confidence, knowing that God has a plan in place and he’s going to do amazing things, if we just believe, and don’t try to claim the glory for ourselves.

Jesus told his listeners that all the faith that was needed was faith the size of a mustard seed. If you haven’t seen one, they’re about as big as one sesame seed off the bun of your Big Mac. Can you believe the size of a sesame seed? God can do something with that little bit of faith, and so imagine what He can do when faith grows! A mustard seed planted grows into a large tree, big enough for birds to live in.

Wow! The imagery blows my mind, and gives me encouragement that even with doubt mixed in, faith can take seed and bloom.

DAY 206 HOMEWORK: Plant your seed of faith, even if it’s little bitty. It will grow and give shelter to others, if you just believe.


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