Day 208: Happy everything!

Celebrations…why is it that we love them so much? They energize us.They cause connections. They create a sense of contentedness. Maybe we should have a celebration every day!

Today, we had two work celebrations. First, it was the birthday of a woman who is retiring in a few weeks. Amidst work, we gathered to celebrate her for a few minutes. She didn’t want a retirement party. She surely didn’t want a birthday party, but it was good to see her smile about it anyway, and for us to enjoy a few minutes of fun (and delicious carrot cake, her favorite).

Then tonight, our HR leadership team went out to dinner to celebrate the 20-year service anniversary of our colleague. It was at a great Nashville restaurant, and it was relaxing to laugh a ton, and tell stories about each other. We were silly. The waiter kept telling us that people in the restaurant were jealous of our laughter and wondered what was going on in our private space.

I definitely ate too much. But I needed this day of celebrations. It was delightful, and it makes me smile just thinking about the day.

I was sort of joking when I said we should have a celebration every day. The type of overeating, silly story-telling type of celebration would make us overweight and exhausted over time, so it wouldn’t be good every day, but I do believe we should still celebrate every day. We could celebrate being given another day. We could celebrate the beauty we find around us. We could celebrate the people we’re given to bless. Simply talking about these reasons for celebration could cause jealousy of our inner joy, and people may wonder what’s going on.

DAY 208 HOMEWORK: What do you have to celebrate today? Do it with gusto. Include people around you so that they can enjoy it too. You just might start something.


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