Day 211: Local bucket list

When one falls down, another lifts him up…that’s what kindreds are all about.

It was a chilly day in Middle Tennessee, especially for May, and I didn’t feel that great this morning. Neither did my daughter-in-love. She encouraged me to get up and get moving, and I, in turn, tried to encourage her. We decided to go to Lebanon to look at some antique shops. Neither of us had been to the square in Lebanon, and I had heard they offered some nice antiquing. I wasn’t in the market for anything; I just wanted to cross it off my Middle Tennessee bucket list.

So we made the drive, found the square, and parked. The square has a roundabout and so lots of cars drive through, and around the perimeter of the roundabout is a row of buildings straight out of the 1950s. The first building we went in was actually like a big garage sale, and it didn’t smell that great, but we still went in to look around. It looked like it probably was a Five and Dime, or an old department store at one time. The floor had skinny wood planks, and the ceiling was tin squares. Along one wall was a row of offices that had stained glass windows, and a red-carpeted stairway led up to the second floor, which overlooked the first floor in its entirety. The ceiling upstairs was very low, so it was probably a place that mostly women went to “back in the day.”

Many of the buildings were empty, or in the process of being filled with something, like the city was trying to revive their downtown. Several of the old bank-looking buildings were occupied by lawyers, but not much else besides antiques. We walked across the street and entered another store. This one was mostly filled with dishes and tchotchkes. It wasn’t my kind of antique store, but the woman there confirmed that the first store we entered was, in fact, a Five and Dime years ago.

The next two antique stores we entered were three stories tall. In both, there were so many things that you couldn’t look at everything. I likened it to looking for Waldo in the busy pictures he hides in. Every time you look, you see something new. The first of these two stores was my favorite. The items there were so unique. My daughter-in-love got caught up in looking through a rack of posters of old movie, music, and television stars. James Dean and Marilyn Monroe, the Beatles, the Three Stooges…just a few that she was fascinated by.

While she was looking, I climbed to the second and then the third floor. Again, the architecture in those old buildings was as interesting to look at as the antiques. The third floor lights were off, and I was the only one up there, so I pulled out my phone and used the flashlight app to explore in the dark. It was super cool.

As we made our way through the final antique place, it was like a walk through history, I picked up some odd looking items and explained what they were once used for. We found hand drills, and flat irons. Old toasters, and butter churns. Cradles, and old-fashioned cash registers. We chatted about everything that caught our attention.

I got lost in the enjoyment of the day and sharing ideas with my daughter-in-love, and we ended up having a lovely morning together. We topped it off with a healthy lunch, and I was thankful for a kindred relationship, once again.

DAY 211 HOMEWORK: Do you have a bucket list for your local area? If not, why not start one? Keep the list handy on your phone for those days when you don’t feel animated to go out, but need to get out. Pull out the list and pick one of them…and take someone along. You may be the kindred they need for the day, or they may be that for you.


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