Day 212: Let the dog wag the tail

“The emotional tail wags the rational dog…” This quote I read today really stuck with me. I don’t know the original context of the quote, but I couldn’t help but think of a Golden Retriever with its big, thick tail whopping up against its drunk owner, just before being kicked out of the way. A dog doesn’t immediately differentiate between a good situation and a bad one. It just knows that it loves its owner, and its tail will wag all over showing that love. Not until a negative consequence will the dog begin to differentiate.

How often do we lead with our emotions? We get caught up in a moment and let that moment carry us somewhere we may, or may not, want to go. Emotions are not all bad, but they cannot be the leader. We need to step back and look at the reasoning, the “sense” of it, and see how well the reasoning matches the emotions.

Emotions can cause us to be bitter and angry and say things we don’t mean. On the opposite side, we can be excited, for example, to buy a house, and the rationing goes completely out the window, even if it could bankrupt us.

DAY 212 HOMEWORK: Let the dog wag the tail. Before you make decisions, check to see if your reasoning matches the emotions. Before you fly off the handle for something, again, take a break and check if the emotion matches the reasoning. It will save you lots of grief.


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