Day 213: Thoughtful Question

The other day, someone posted on LinkedIn: “If an interviewer asked you for one final word, what would it be?”

I gave that quite a bit of thought. The first word that came to mind was Excellence. I then wondered if that plays too much into my perfectionist tendency that I’m working on changing. I love excellence, though, and it would be a good one to leave with an interviewer.

Then I moved on to a few other words that I’ve been considering for my Twitter profile. You know, the 5 things they ask you to use to describe yourself? Some of these words would also be a good choice.

Resilient. The ability to come back stronger after a struggle. I have a magnet on my desk at work that says, “Change is inevitable; growth is optional.” I love that challenge…growth for me is not really an option…it probably should say: “Change is inevitable; growth is inevitable.”

Courageous. Fearless, and a bit brave. I’m not totally fearless, but I sure have a ton of faith, so I’m rarely scared. I like trying new things, and will often tell people something that someone else might not feel comfortable telling them (uh…you have something green in your teeth…)

Tenacious. Determined. Persistent. I struggled with choosing this one because it can have a negative connotation. And, in truth, I can be all that negative connotation. But my parents taught me to stick-to-it, and so I have a tendency to stay with something long past the time that others would.

Diligent. Industrious. Ha! My given name means industrious in the morning. That is half right. I’m a hard worker, and usually enjoy that challenge, but I’m not much of a morning person anymore. I can work long hours. I love details. I enjoy thinking and figuring things out and I’ll keep at it until I’m done, or need a thought break.

Empathetic or Curious. I can’t decide. Both of these are actually words of feeling. One is feeling for others, and the other is feeling about life. In many ways, they overlap. Often I’m curious about someone, and so I’ll feel their joy or pain. Other times, I’m curious about nature, or a theory, or an idea, and so I’ll put myself in the place of even the inanimate to better understand. Sometimes I don’t understand, but I will always seek to learn more.

I’m not sure which word I would leave as my last, but now I’m sure I could come up with a good one if asked.

DAY 213 HOMEWORK: This exercise helps you to get introspective. Try it for yourself. And see if you can come up with more than one. It will give you some words for your Twitter profile, and make you understand yourself better.



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