Day 215: A brief moment, a big difference

You know how some days, you don’t have as good a day as others, but something then comes up to encourages you? I had one of those moments today.

A Captain from one our towboats called me today to ask me if we had received his email. I didn’t see it come in, so we spent a few minutes talking about the correct email address, and what he was sending in. Before he hung up, he stopped me and said that he wanted to take a minute to tell me how much he appreciated the work that I did and that it brought a sense of morale throughout the company. I thanked him for his feedback and wished him a great week.

It was a simple expression on his part, but it made an impact on me. Most people don’t notice a communication unless there’s an error in it, because they are so much more interested in what is being delivered through the communication. So that this Captain noticed was incredible, and then that he took the time to actually express it, simply awesome! Throughout the day, when I needed a pick-me-up, I just thought back to the thoughtful expression of appreciation.

It was a minute that affected parts of my whole day for the good. Thanks, Capt!

DAY 215 HOMEWORK: Noticing those who are not often appreciated is a gift, but let’s practice! Who around you does things that seem to fly under the radar? Is it a janitor? Is it a forest ranger? How about the stock person at the grocery store? Take a minute to say thank you and tell what you notice about what that person has done. It will make a difference for them, and I’ll bet you’ll feel good, too.


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