Day 216: Thankful for this professional journey

It was a great day, professionally. This morning, I was randomly asked to speak at a Communications conference in Nashville next week. The organizer of the conference organized the one I just went to in Arizona, and she had a speaker fall through for this conference. Since she knew I was from Nashville, she asked if I had time in my schedule and could fill in. This time last year, I probably would have declined the opportunity, but now, I’ve jumped at the chance. Next, I just have to figure out what I want to talk about.

Then, tonight, a group of us from work went to our Music City chapter of International Association of Business Communicators’ awards dinner. We knew we had won something, but weren’t sure what it was. I had submitted a cross-functional project that we did last year to get our marine associates on email so we could communicate with them, and they could give us ideas and feedback. The project was a great success, and we were all proud of it, and so I included not only my team in the award, but also a couple of IS folks, and others on the HR team who worked on our survey. It was everyone pulling together that made the project so successful.

While we were waiting, one of the IABC guys asked me to be the IABC Member Spotlight for the month. It means they’ll do a short interview and write up in the monthly member email. It’s a simple thing, but it was such an unexpected, and nice honor. I’ve only been a member a short time, and feel like I’ve missed meetings more than I’ve attended, but I do love this group and feel at home amongst them.

Of course, we were the last ones to receive our award. It turned out to be an Award of Excellence for internal communications. Here I am hamming up with the girl who handed out the awards. I was so honored to accept the award on behalf of Ingram and my coworkers.


When you work hard, it’s so pleasant to be recognized. And have three thoughtful moments on the same day gave me something to smile about.

DAY 216 HOMEWORK: My lesson for today is to not be embarrassed to toot your own horn from time-to-time. Of course, you don’t want to be overbearing, but if you work hard and do great work, accept the praise with a humble “thank you.” Lesson two: If you’re asked to do something outside your comfort zone, go for it. You can do it!


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