Day 218: Better or worse?

The other day, a coworker asked me about my blog. He knew that I started it last fall and, from time-to-time, we talk about the need for a creative outlet. He’s a fiddler, in an IT leadership job.

His question to me was: Do you think you’re getting better by writing every day?

I laughed. I think I’m getting worse, I told him. At least, that’s my goal. He was puzzled by that until I explained the desire to be OK with who I am, with all of my flaws. I am purposefully trying not to be a perfect writer. I do that in my job, and it can stifle creativity. What I’m going for is to write from my heart until there’s nothing left coming out of me, and then to be OK with it. As is. I’m even trying not to go back and make edits later when someone finds an error, or I come across one myself. That’s been really tough for me. I like “Practically Perfect in Every Way.”

The other day, on LinkedIn, I posted something I copied from an email about Nashville’s best communicators, and later I saw that auto-correct likely turned it to commutators instead. It’s taking all I have to not go back and edit it, but I keep reminding myself that no-one will die because of this typo. It’s OK. And it’s good for me to let it go. (Please don’t start singing.)

I don’t particularly care if anyone reads my blog. I’m not going for viral status by any means. This is catharsis, and we’ll keep reaching for that goal.

DAY 218 HOMEWORK: Is there something you need to let go of? Find your means to release it, and work on it with all your gusto.


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