Day 220: Brick by brick

My neighbor is doing some work for me in my backyard, and boy, is it looking nice! I just asked him about it yesterday, and today, he’s already got a great start on it. It’s transforming the whole look of the yard, and pretty soon, I won’t have to mow on one side. We sat down this afternoon to admire his job, and we started planning a summer party for the neighbors. I’m not sure when it will happen, because I have a lot of projects I want to do first, but I like that I’m thinking about it, and that I’m not thinking about it in isolation.

This neighbor built an outdoor kitchen for another neighbor, and put up a beautiful iron-rod fence with brick pillars for them. He’s actually a barber, but he and his friends do some awesome brickwork, too. His wife’s family owns a restaurant, so they both keep busy, but they’ve been good neighbors from the first year we moved here.

I think it’s really important to support local businesses. It’d be easy to call up some well-known brand-name contractors, but I know my neighbor, and it’s good to support him. And, I know he’ll not charge me an arm & a leg, where I wouldn’t know that about another contractor.

Robert Frost said that good fences make good neighbors. We have a fence that let’s have some privacy, but the good neighbors? It’s not because of the fence. They’re just good people.

DAY 220 HOMEWORK: What can you do for a neighbor? People used to bake pies or lend sugar, but we count on ourselves too much these days, and stick to ourselves. Why not try reaching out?


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