Day 221: Talented or not…just be

I’m watching the finale of The Voice tonight. I love the premise of the show: that people aren’t judged on how they look, but by how they sound…alone.

It was a great season, with so many incredibly talented voices: one better than the next. I’m hoping that some solid musical careers are launched because of the show. There weren’t many that I would have discarded from the beginning. Even though I haven’t loved all the music, any of the four finalists deserve to win.

As I’m listening to the interviews, Hannah Huston said something that struck me, and made me think of my blog. She said that Pharrell encouraged her to be herself, her weird, crazy self; they showed her making faces & sounds, being silly and random. I loved that. It wasn’t just showing her in her great musical moments or while she’s all made up perfectly. It’s her real self (and I realize while I’m saying that, that everything is still slanted one way or another based on the editor’s choices).

My point, though, is that God made us to be who we are. We shouldn’t try to put on a facade. It doesn’t matter how someone else judges you; the only judgment that matters is God’s. I was made to be smart and silly, positive and introspective, caring and full of ideas. I might not always say everything that’s on my heart, but it doesn’t mean I don’t feel anything. You might see me silly, or spouting ideas, or introspective all in the same 15 minutes. I’ve worn a facade, and it’s not worth it. That’s why this journey is helping to break me free of that false image, to be who I was made to be. It’s not always easy, but I’m happy to be on road, heading in the right direction.

DAY 221 HOMEWORK: Are you wearing a facade? Count the ways God made you to be you, and start knocking down the facade, so you can just be.


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