Day 222: Room 222

When I was little, I remember there being a show on tv called Room 222. I think I must have been pretty little (maybe early 70s?), because I don’t have too many recollections about it, but it seems to have been about a teacher and the interaction he had with his students. The lessons seemed to be about diversity and getting along with others.

Of course, in stream-of-consciousness fashion, I thought about Room 222 because it’s my 222nd day of blogging, and the idea I really want to talk about tonight relates to teaching. And understanding. Somehow, that all connects logically in my head.

I was talking today with a coworker who used to work for me, and who now works beside me. Yesterday, she taught a class on Coaching and since it was her first class in this series, she was a bit nervous. She told me that she over-prepares because one time when she was teaching, she totally crashed and got off track in the lesson, and so she’s had to work on getting outside her head when she teaches now. The way she used to think, while teaching, is that everyone in the classroom was judging her and looking at her, so she wasn’t really focused on the material but on herself. That usually made her more prone to error. Now, she said, she approaches each class with the mindset of being the facilitator of the material…not that people are even looking at her, but are trying to understand the material through her. It’s made a world of difference, she said.

I told her that her ideas went along with what I’m writing about…that need to get outside of ourselves and see our impact on others, not for our own worth but, for others’ worth. When we can do that, we become less the focus, and really can help build understanding. I told her that what she did yesterday worked. I put the practices we learned in class to use today, and had a good coaching session with someone, and it turned out better than I expected. She did well, and I learned some new tools…that’s a win-win!

DAY 222 HOMEWORK: Do you have a mindset you need to change? Do you need a new perspective? It may be as simple as thinking through what you’re processing, and learning a new way to approach it. Give it some thought.


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