Day 223: “Yes!”

At work, we had an event today that we typically have once a quarter. Those in charge of the activity pick a TED talk they like, and associates gather in our training room to watch it together. We then talk about the things we heard.

Today’s TED talk was by Shonda Rhimes, a TV writer and producer, who has produced many shows on typically on a Thursday night. She’s got 4 on right now. She’s a single mother of 3 and works on these 4 shows, each a difficult task on its own, but taken together, it’s simply astounding that this woman can make it through her days. I’m not a great fan of any of her shows she talked about, but now I’m a fan of her personally.

Her talk was about the year she said “Yes” to everything that scared her. She said as she said “Yes” that she began to overcome her fears, one of which was public speaking. Simply amazing because I didn’t hear her utter one vocal pause…not an uh, not an um, not a like. Her language was rhythmic and kept tying into her previous thoughts like a whirlpool circling and growing larger and larger.I loved her word pictures, and the alliteration she used. It was easy to see why she loves her work and writing, and creating stories. She certainly had a great way with language.

As she spoke, the story became more about finding that thing that brings you joy, much more than overcoming fears. Though she admitted to being a workaholic, her joy was in saying “Yes” to her kids any time that they asked her to play. She said they usually got bored with her after about 15 minutes, but that 15 minutes of saying “Yes” to them, every time, started to change her and it changed her kids.

It obviously doesn’t need to take long, and, it may not be kids; you may not have kids…but what is it that you need to say “Yes” too, that will give you that 15 minutes of joy, and help you take care of yourself? Let’s see if we can find it.

DAY 223 HOMEWORK: That “Yes” to 15 minutes of joy, whatever it is for you, can change you. So let’s start to find it. Write out those things that bring you joy. Then pick one, and dedicate 15 minutes to whatever “it” is. Do it today!


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