Day 224: All the live-long day

Thank God for Chick-Fil-A and a 10 PM run through the drive-thru. Chicken never tasted so good!

I got off work at 2 today. They close the office early on holiday weekends, so I was jumping for joy to be home in the afternoon. I decided to run to Lowe’s to pick up some stuff for my yard, and after getting it loaded in my car, and then running through CVS drive-thru, I got home and realized I’d have to unload it all by myself.

So 40 pavers later (20 trips through my backyard!), plus mulch and 10 bags of river rock, and I was just about wiped out. Then, I got a second wind, and decided I wanted to get it done today. It was beautiful out…not too hot, and not the least bit chilly with a gentle breeze blowing over me.

When I was about halfway done, the kids got home from work and joined me in the project. I should have realized that it was late then, because they both got off at 7 today. My daughter-in-love started bagging up yard waste, and my son and I were laying down river rock and pavers.

It was dark when we finished, but still incredibly beautiful out. So we sat outdoors for a while just soaking up the evening. When my daughter-in-love said it was 9:30, I couldn’t believe it! I hadn’t eaten lunch yet, but now I realized I had been working in the yard for hours on end. No wonder the chicken tasted so good!

I love doing projects, so I’m not complaining in any way. In fact, we’re all going to sleep well tonight. Hard work and fresh air make for a great sleep elixir.

DAY 224 HOMEWORK: When’s the last time you poured yourself physically into a project that brought you joy? If it’s been a while, think about trying it again. It’s such a rush to do something yourself and, at least for me, brings a sense of pride.


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