Day 226: Keep on keeping’ on

Sometimes when you think you have problems, you only need to look around at what others are going through to realize that life can stink. You thought I was going to say, “you don’t really have it so bad,” didn’t you? Well, that’s probably a good answer, and true, and I’m usually the optimist who would wear the “Life is Good” shirts, but sometimes you need to recognize that things are not always going to be easy in this world. For anyone. Even for those people who seem to have golden lives. Maybe we need to start a new brand that says, “Life is Tough.”

The thing is, if we can realize that everyone is going through something, it may be easier to go through our own stuff. We are not alone, even if we are lonely. We are not singled out, even if it seems like it. The same rain that falls on me will fall on others around me. And while I would not choose the stuff others are going through, because I wouldn’t be strong enough, I know that I am strong enough to handle the things I am allowed to go through. That’s God’s promise to me. I don’t know how, but I do know it’s true.

I’ve seen friends lose their children, and just now, I learned of the death of a young guy married to a Brazilian girl I met here in Smyrna. It’s in difficult times like these that we have to rely on others to come alongside us. It’s a sweet sister who will come and sit with you. It’s a friend across the miles who makes a card for you. It’s a note on a Facebook wall that says I’m praying for you. It’s a hearty laugh amongst your family over something silly. Small gestures that mean the world, and help us to keep going, a moment at a time. And sometimes, that’s all you can do. Keep on going.

DAY 226 HOMEWORK: If you’re struggling, look around and know that we’re all struggling with something. Find joy in the small gestures, take a deep breath, and just keep going.


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