Day 230: Mess on Aisle 3

Facebook is something you love or you hate; it’s a menace and it’s useful. It can be very frustrating, like how I tried to post a pic a few hours ago, and it never showed up, and by the time I tried it the third time, all three of of the same pic popped up. Egads! But sometimes, especially if you’re not obsessed with Facebook, you can surf for a minute and find good reminders, and quotes to make you think.

This morning, an old friend posted a quote from Maya Angelou that fit so well with Finding Kindreds. Maya Angelou had lots of wise things to say, but think about this one for a minute: “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”

Blam! I know your brain is exploding into a million pieces right now.

It’s such a grand idea of growth and excellence, all wrapped up in simple language. I love when someone can do that, and do it so well. And Maya could do that. I met her once, at a poetry reading at NIU, when I was teaching there. She filled up the room with her strength and dignity, and we were all mesmerized by her rhythmic readings. She was the epitome of picking one’s self up and moving on with excellence.

In essence, I learned in my quick flip through Facebook, that if you’re doing the best you can right now, in this moment, no-one can ask any more of you than that. Your best will always be your highest quality because you’re doing it with all your heart. As you grow, you’ll learn more, so you can do even more excellent work. It’s a process, and it’s always reaching for something better.

DAY 230 HOMEWORK: Mop up your exploding brain, and do your best for right now. It’s a worthy goal. Not just halfway…but give things your all. Then, keep growing.



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