Day 231: Lovers of themselves

I’ve been thinking a great deal about selfies, and how everyone feels entitled to give their opinions online. All the time. Sometimes, I sit and read through a thread (it doesn’t really matter what the topic is) and I just shake my head. Literally. The raging voices jumping off the page can give me a headache.

Why is it that people feels so entitled to say whatever comes to their minds? What has brought us to this place in society that allows such disrespect and contempt for other human beings. Obviously, not everyone is this way, but it’s becoming more and more the norm. It’s almost hard not to see it on a momentary basis.

Then, I got thinking about that scripture about the last days in 2 Timothy 3. I don’t know when the “last days” are, and frankly, disciples have believed it is the “last days” for nearly 2000 years. And, I know for every bad story we hear, there are tons of good stories we don’t hear, but take a look at this list and see if it doesn’t scream “RIGHT NOW!”

2 Timothy 3: 1-5 – But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days:
People will be lovers of themselves (how many selfies have you seen today?)
lovers of money (try keeping up with the Jones)
boastful (look generally at politicians, musicians, athletes, executives)
proud (in a haughty sense…how often do you feel snubbed?)
abusive (Turn on the evening news! Check the cars next to you on the highway)
disobedient to their parents (look at what’s happening in our schools)
ungrateful (this one’s hard to quantify in the overly-polite southern culture)
unholy (the vulgarity flies around us on media, in our workplaces)
without love (we could talk about this one for hours)
unforgiving (know anyone that holds a grudge or two million?)
slanderous (it’s why I hate election years)
without self-control (of our time wasted on media, or our mouths which don’t keep quiet)
brutal (I only read a few of the comments about that mom in the gorilla story)
not lovers of the good (implies lovers of evil…how many videos do we need to see of people standing around at a cat fight, watching someone get the tar beat out of them?)
treacherous, (deceitfulness is all over the local media…we don’t know who to trust anymore, and I’m so tired of the stories of people being taken advantage of)
rash (who does things thoughtfully and with patience and a plan these days?)
conceited (here we are back at the selfies, and the puckered lips)
lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God—(who doesn’t love pleasure? but do we love it more than we love caring for our relationship with God?)
having a form of godliness but denying its power (again, we could talk about this one for hours. It’s a great deal of what’s wrong with the Church today with lots of “Christians” just playing church). 
I’ll bet you could come up with a bunch more examples of each one of these items. It’s much harder to see the good than to see the rush of negativity surging around us. And it almost always takes a tragedy to bring the good out in people. I just wish that we could be more generally kind than selfish; more usually loving than judgmental. It’s a goal worth working towards.
DAY 231 HOMEWORK: Here’s your chance to be a superhero. Romans 12:21 says, Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” What? It’s not my homework assignment; it’s God’s.