Day 234: Dirt under my nails

Doing something for someone else brings so much joy, if you let it.

I have a friend who was in need of some yard work, which I generally enjoy, so I volunteered to help. Truly, I have always loved shoveling the snow from our driveways, when we lived up north, and I’ve always enjoyed mowing in the summer. If I can get dirt under my nails, I feel like I’ve done something worthwhile. Yard work is sort of my happy place, where I can get alone with my thoughts and have a few moments to study the beautiful and creative variety in nature.

So, we rolled up our sleeves, (figuratively since it was a beautiful day), and got to work transplanting plants that needed more space and planting some new plants that had recently been donated to her. By the time we were done, we were covered head to toe in mud, and had satisfyingly planted over 50 plants. It looked beautiful, and we were proud of ourselves. It felt wonderful to support her, and she was so happy to get more done than she thought possible.

When you can do for others, you bless them, and sometimes you have to let others do for you; otherwise, you rob them of their chance for joy, too. It’s reciprocal, and it’s a way to build stronger bonds between you and others. If you don’t allow the help to flow both ways, you risk offending, and will likely break down the sense of community.

You have to be humble enough to accept the help, and humbly offer help, both being blessed and blessing.

DAY 234 HOMEWORK: Which do you need more work on? Blessing others, or letting them bless you? Pick one and work on letting go a bit of your pride today.


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