Day 235: Our trip to Japan and back

Today, we stepped into Japan for a few hours and took a magical walk through a peaceful garden. It was worth every minute, and we didn’t even have to leave town!

A couple of years ago, two of my kindreds drove 8 hours to Nashville to surprise me for my birthday. My sister helped to pull it off, and the 4 of us, spent a few days exploring Nashville and laughing and catching up.

This week, I took a detour through Northern Illinois and my bff and I were the ones orchestrating it this time. We surprised our other friend this morning, and took her off for a day to the Anderson Japanese Gardens in Rockford, IL. It’s one of the highest acclaimed Japanese gardens in the US. The funniest part of our plan was that we had been talking about taking her to these gardens for a few weeks, and just yesterday, that friend started posting about how much she loves the place. We knew we had a great plan. And besides, we love the place, too.

We started off with a yummy, and mostly healthy lunch. Their restaurant is absolutely beautiful with large windows overlooking their lush grounds. I highly recommend the food, and it was moderately priced, so that made it taste even better!

We spent a couple of hours walking around the ponds, over the bridges, sitting on the teak chairs sprinkled throughout the pathways. The sitting spots were often hidden, secret spaces to sit and reflect. We’d sit a spell and laugh, and catch up. It was a refreshing day.

The only sad spot in the day was that my sister couldn’t join us on this trip, and since our last girls’ day out, that my daughter-in-love couldn’t be here, either. That would have enhanced this girls’ day out even more.

I saw a sign today that said, “Old friends are the best friends.” That’s not necessarily true, but it sure makes sense most of the time, and it really does for today’s trip halfway around the world and back.

DAY 235 HOMEWORK: Get outside to a peaceful place — a garden, or a quiet greenway. The time in nature will do your soul some good, and if you get a chance, take along a kindred. It will make it even better.




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