Day 237: A prayer for wisdom

As my vacation winds to an end, and I head back home tomorrow, I stop to reflect a few minutes on the nieces and nephews who I got a chance to visit. They are mostly all becoming young adults, or have already entered into adulthood, and even now, some of the following generation is coming into young adulthood. It doesn’t make me feel old. In fact, I think it strengthens the youth I still hold inside.

As I visited with each one, I was astounded at how they are growing into such fine people, full of ideas and dreams. And I loved seeing these kind-hearted and compassionate human beings with bright futures ahead of them. Even those who took a few years out to figure out life, are coming back around with educational goals, and dreams for their futures. That makes me so proud.

I hope that they follow through on their ideas and take full advantage of all that they can grab a hold of in this life. I want them to learn and expand their minds. I want them to explore early on that they don’t have to be perfect or even pretend to be perfect. They can be who they are, the way God made them, and fit into the areas of vocation that will bring a smile to their faces on a daily basis.

I want them to know God and to experience his love. They should also experience every beautiful miracle of nature. I hope they will take time to notice the small, often insignificant things that make this world so amazing. I hope they will love with gusto, and show compassion to the underdog and the lonely.

Some are venturing onto new paths in the days ahead, and I pray for them to have wisdom beyond their years, and clarity of thinking. Not every day can or will be easy, so I pray on those days, for an extra measure of grace over their lives. I pray that God will shelter them under his wing.

These are my wishes for these, my nieces and nephews, both far and near; those I know well, and those I don’t know as well. Even so, they are children of my siblings, and so my heart is tied with theirs in inexplicable ways.

DAY 237 HOMEWORK: If you haven’t taken time to sit down and chat with the young adults coming up in this world, take some time to do that. Listen to their hearts and let them talk about their dreams. They can be relatives or not, but it will do something to your heart when you take the time to hear; and you may just find some young kindreds in them.


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