Day 238: Vacate!

Home at last! It’s so nice to go on vacation, but it’s sweeter to come home. To smell your smells. To see your nest. To lay in your own bed. To hear the sounds that make your house uniquely yours. To hug those who make your nest a place you want to be.

The road home is longer than the road to vacation, except maybe in the minds of kids who keep asking, “Are we there yet?” As an adult, just getting on the road, or maybe just leaving work before your vacation, makes vacation begin, so “Are we there yet?” doesn’t seem to matter. What matters is simply going. It makes our heart lighter, and each moment is precious to breathe in, to experience, to relax into.

Now that I’m home, I still have a weekend before I have to go to work. Though I am fixing my mind back towards the work-week ahead, and I know that I’ll have stuff to catch up on, even still, I plan to enjoy every moment of these last two days of my “vacation.”

I can ease back into “reality” and sleep a bit more than normal. I can do things I’ve wanted to get done, and when I have to start work again on Monday, I will be refreshed, and so happy to have had this week on the road visiting some of the people who I love dearly, and the weekend to enjoy people I love at home. It’s been a win-win.

DAY 238 HOMEWORK: It’s the weekend, so go and enjoy every moment of it. You may not have had a week of vacation, but you can vacate on the weekend, if only in your mind. Enjoy!


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