Day 240: Hot air

Funny how air conditioners always go out when it’s extremely hot. We keep the thermostat at a just-barely-cool level, so it shouldn’t be working harder than usual, but somehow it knows how to pick the right day to start a strike. This weekend was the hottest days of summer, and it isn’t even summer yet!

When I noticed last night that the inside was getting hotter than the outside, we opened all the windows and I went out and banged on the air conditioner. It started working, so I was hopeful that I had “fixed” it. My friend told me it was just a coincidence. But since the sun was setting, I thought maybe we could tough it out. It was quite pleasant with the windows open, and a nice breeze coming in, and despite the highway noise and the warmth, I got a decent night’s sleep.

Today, however, was another scorcher. We had noticed that the dining room ceiling was starting to leak, which meant the furnace drip tray was overflowing, so I went up in the attic and sopped up the excess water with a towel. I was sweating before I did hardly anything. When we left for church, the thermostat said it was 89 in the house. So, after church, we dropped by the home store to pick up a heavy-duty fan. An air guy said he would come look at it, but it would be later in the day. So we ran to another store and picked up a large kiddy pool and filled it up with cool water. While it was filling, I laid down in front of the fan and fell asleep. Hard. Maybe I hadn’t slept as well as I thought last night. I awoke to the air guy ringing the doorbell. A glance at the thermostat told me it was getting hotter: 91 degrees inside. After 2 lbs. of freon and a nice-sized check, the guy left, and I was happily humming, with cool air starting to come out of the vents.

The family finished up the evening cooling off in our pool, lounging in the hammock, and enjoying what was left of a beautiful day. All-in-all, it was a restful vacation week, and with a cooler restful night ahead, I’ll be ready for the new work-week ahead.

DAY 240 HOMEWORK: Sometimes you have to make the best of what you’ve got. A $30 kiddy pool served a great purpose and brought some happiness to those under my roof. I’d say it was a pretty good investment, especially if it serves us well the rest of the summer. As the saying goes, if life hands you lemons, make lemonade. What lemons do you have today? Figure out how to make lemonade out of it, and ask a few kindreds to sit down with you and savor the treat you’ve made. It doesn’t have to cost a lot, or take much time. Get creative!


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