Day 241: How does your garden grow?

Vacation is nice, but getting back into a routine is nice, too. It was so great to catch up with my team, and my other coworkers, and to rifle through an overloaded email inbox. My work is enjoyable, but I kept thinking today about a saying my daughter-in-love told me. “There isn’t a bad job; it’s just bad that you have to go to your job” (or something like that).

That’s mostly true. You can make almost anything into a game and make it fun. Otherwise, Mike Rowe wouldn’t have a job. I’ve had plenty of manual labor jobs that I didn’t particularly care for, but as I challenged myself to pull more weeds, or file more files, or dig more trenches, I found myself enjoying the work I was doing.The day passed more quickly and pay is always a nice reward for the work, no matter what the rate is.

I guess where it gets sticky is when we think about all the bad stuff: people who don’t think, or aren’t kind; irritating and seemingly unfair workloads; stuff that makes us tired out; and how much it would be nicer if certain people weren’t at the office. When we dwell on the bad, even the good seems less than desirable. But if we can focus on the good, then we have a better chance to not be so irritated by the irritations.

I could have been irritated today when I was using my expertise and people were making contrary decisions that were not very logical. I could have been irritated when certain personalities overtook our conversations. But instead, I breathed deeply. I shook my head. I let it go. You can’t make things better for people if they don’t want you to. If they are pleased with a less than stellar product, even if it’s “good,” then you have to let it go. If you don’t, you’ll just grow a garden of misery. And that’s not very healthy.

DAY 241 HOMEWORK: How’s your garden looking? Is it full of misery or gratefulness? What you tend is what you’ll sow, so sow positive and pull out the weeds of misery.


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