Day 242: Ugly or beautiful: you pass it forward

Only 114 days left until I reach my one year goal of blogging every day! I astonish myself! Never in the world did I think I would make it this far, even though I tend to be stubborn when I set a worthy goal. The journey has been a good one for me, not at all easy, but one that has allowed me to breathe free of my perfectionism (with only an ugly flare up, from time-to-time).

It’s funny, but in this process, I have discovered my voice again. Of course, I write every day for my career, but the thought of putting my personal ideas down for everyone to see is much different than carefully constructing a message for the corporate world. In my job, I know the voice I’m supposed to have; in my personal life, I had long forgotten that I had a voice.

The other thing that I am learning is that it’s ok if no one agrees with me, because it’s my voice and no one else’s. I think, in our world today, it’s so easy for people to shrink back because of the backlashes that happen “publicly” on social media. Everyone feels the need to say whatever they’re feeling at the moment, without regard for impact, or lasting traces, forever in cyberspace. People hide behind the screen, and forget that others can still see them for what is pouring out of their hearts – ugly or beautiful. So the receivers of the “ugly” silence their voices, or they in turn become “ugly” and the cycle goes round and round. But look what happens to the receivers of the “beautiful.” They glow inside and tend to pass it forward.

What I am remembering now is that I can have a voice and still pass forward “beautiful,” even if what I’m receiving is “ugly.” I can break the cycle. It’s a choice.

DAY 242 HOMEWORK:  Choose for yourself what you’re going to pass forward: Ugly? or Beautiful? Whichever it is, your circle of influence will feel the ripple-effect long after you’ve walked away.


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