Day 243: You have a choice

Love is described as many things. A feeling. Chemistry. An emotion. Physical attraction. It can be all of those things, but none of those are the main thing. Love, over everything, is a choice. Like choosing to give grace, or mercy, you can choose love, or you can withhold it. Sometimes it’s a daily choice, but mostly, you have to choose it moment by moment.

You can choose sweetness or choose bitterness. You can choose to focus on the rain, or the flowers it produces. You can choose forgiveness or begrudge. Choose mercy or judgment; choose to give grace or reject. Choose to be generous, or just take. Be friendly, or not. Arrogant or humble. Angry? It’s a choice. Hate? That, too. You can choose to talk about someone, or talk with them. You can choose half full or half empty. You can choose to speak your mind, or hold your tongue.

In reality, every moment of your life, you are making choices. Sometimes they’re micro-choices. Sometimes they are choices so big that you can’t see the other side. Nevertheless, in each moment, you choose your perspective. You choose your attitude. You choose your behavior. You choose.

The thing is, your choices rarely affect just yourself. Your choices ripple to those around you and affect them in ways you cannot imagine. But how they react? That’s their choice. You cannot make people’s choices for them. You cannot take on the responsibility for their choices. But you can, and do, choose for yourself.

What you choose makes a difference. It’s been shown time and time again that people remember the negative but can barely hear the positive. When someone jumps on the judgment train, it’s so easy for others to follow. And how hard it is to sway the crowd when you’re the one voice that says, “Show mercy.” But band a bunch of love together and watch it change the world.

So do all you can to choose the positive. The light. The good. It’s being Jesus in the here and now. Above all, choose love.




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