Day 249: Bunco!

I got to sub at Bunco tonight. You might remember me talking about Bunco last fall. In 2015, I loved playing Bunco on the third Tuesday of every month, but I had so much work and travel that I kept having to rearrange things, or bow out, so I bowed out for 2016. I’m so glad I did. This year, I have had a work event or had to travel for work every third Tuesday of the month. Not so tonight, and they just so happened to need a sub. I’m so glad I went.

It’s with a group of ladies who mostly go to my sister’s church. They are a lovely bunch (and competitive), and I really enjoy the process Bunco allows. Eighteen quick games in pairs. Losers stay put and winners move on to the next table, only to split and re-pair. So you’re rarely with the same group of ladies all night long. It allows you to chat and find out what’s happening in their lives, to win, to lose, and to laugh.

I didn’t win tonight, and I didn’t lose, so I didn’t walk away with a prize, but I did walk away with something I prized: the fellowship of women who care for me, even without knowing me too well. The laughter did my heart good, and their care for me was even better.

It’s so nice to find kindreds through others, and the simple act of a game night can bring a levity to your soul. I know it did that for me tonight.

DAY 249 HOMEWORK: Invite a few friends in for a game night and see how you feel after an hour or so of silly games. I’ll bet it helps not only you, but also those you include.


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