Day 250: A ramble on work

Some days are just more productive than others. Today was one of the productive ones. I didn’t really want to go into work, but I got there ahead of schedule and sat down to a yucky project that has to be done in about 2 weeks.

I seem to have quite a few of these large, yucky projects on my plate. They’re due soon, and none of them are very fun. One is updating and combining two handbooks into one; that project is currently under review with a lawyer. The one I worked on this morning was updating the policy manual. I got it down from 150 pages to about 94, and it’s almost done, but it still has to go through legal review as well. (And then published by July 1). Then I have an article that is due on Monday. It’s one that I’ve put off for about six weeks because the publisher keeps pushing the deadline back,  but it’s ok because I didn’t really want to write it anyway.

So this morning, I got through draft 2 of the policy manual and sent out my last request for my reviewers to turn in any edits. Those kept coming in throughout the day, but I felt really good about the place I was at noon with policies. I think I may be able to get it off for legal review tomorrow or Friday.

In the middle of the day, we had a WIN event at our sister company that’s pretty close to my home. WIN is a committee that puts together discussions about Women in the Workplace and how to give everyone the same chance. I’ll talk about this event in a day or two because it was really fantastic, and I want to devote some time to it.

Following that event, I came home. It was about 3:15. I spent the next 5 hours working on that article and got a pretty good first draft whipped into shape and sent it off to two people to review. Hopefully, that’s another project I’ll get finished tomorrow.

I put in way more hours than what I normally would in a day, but it was so productive that I feel good about it. If I can get a few of these things off my plate, I’ll feel 100 lbs. lighter so the push today was worth it.

Work seems to be pretty busy for the next few months, but after these handful of projects, I’ll move into something a bit more fun so I look forward to changing out the dreadful for something more enticing…

DAY 250 HOMEWORK: No homework today. I worked too hard. Go and do something nice for yourself. 🙂




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