Day 252: Indy’s popping up all over

My sister and I had a date tonight. And it was mostly free (besides parking, and our supper,  and the parking ticket I got). But the event was cool. The Nashville symphony played the score as we watched Raiders of the Lost Ark at the Schermerhorn downtown.

The guy on my team won the tickets at work, and he had a conflict, so he gave the tickets to me. Free is good! But I really didn’t know what to expect, and I really wasn’t expecting to watch the whole movie. I thought maybe they would be showing clips as they played.

As we got to the symphony center, we found a parking spot and hurried inside. It started at 7 and we were there just a few minutes before. We found our seats, and just behind us was a librarian who had worked at my sister’s school a few years ago and her date. We talked with them for a few minutes. They had been to several of these movie events at the symphony, and they told us how much they enjoyed coming to them. To their left sat Indiana Jones and Indiana Jones; anyway, two characters dressed up like Indiana Jones at various stages of his “life.” Pretty good likenesses. Behind the first Indiana Jones was a consultant we had worked with several times for executive training. I really like this woman; she’s so cordial and full of life! And behind the librarian’s date was another guy from my work. I’m guessing he won tickets too. It felt like a nice community in our section as we greeted each other in those few moments before the movie started.

When the lights went down, the familiar John Williams music began to play. I had forgotten a lot of the movie, so the live music really got me caught up in the plot. The cellos and basses shook my soul in the various chase scenes, and the violins squealed out in high tension moments. Sometimes we forgot that we were even at the symphony; the sound was better than Dolby at the cinema, and it made us feel like we were part of the movie, standing right there as Indiana Jones fake-punched his way through a bunch of bad guys.

Following the movie, we scooted out as fast as we could. I had paid for 2 hours of parking and had asked the system to text me when time ran out so I could extend my parking time. I didn’t get the text, until 30 minutes after the ticket had expired! Tomorrow, I’ll contest that ticket, but I wasn’t going to let it ruin our fun evening.

The sister date was lovely, and I’m glad we had experienced the symphony movie night together for our first time. I’ll go back again someday, because it was enjoyable and enlightening.

DAY 252 HOMEWORK: I’m not sure if they have symphony movie night where you live, but if you ever get the chance to go to one, it’s worthwhile. But my homework for tonight is simply to greet those around you where ever you are, and start up little conversations. Those moments of connection are important for you, and for the person you’ve encountered.


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