Day 253: The simpler way

Today, we explored a farm close by our home. Well, not really the farm, but the wares of the farm. They sold honey, eggs, peaches, and a pole barn full of other goodies that all came from their farm. It was the peaches we were after. There’s someone named Peach in our town who’s running for election of some sort, and there are signs with a peach on them on practically every corner. It’s enough to make your mouth water!

It must have been 100 degrees in that pole barn, and the couple was as jovial as if they were sitting in an icebox. They were cracking jokes, and giving us samples, and telling us interesting tidbits about the things they had in their “store.”  After we picked up a few things, and got in the car to leave, I thought about how much I love to shop local.

Sure. It’s a bit more expensive. Farmers don’t have the manpower and have much more overhead per sale than the mass-producers and the logistics people. Local farmers have many fewer sales and it’s how they live day-to-day. But what local does have on its side is freshness, and all-natural growth. You know where it comes from and how it’s produced. And you’re putting money back into your local economy. And you’re talking with the ones who are harvesting. Their food comes out of their fields and onto your tables. And one last thing I just thought about, you get some kinds of variety that you’ll never find in a grocery store. My sister bought some blackberry cider today, and it was delicious!

Buying local is all about community, and I love that. Sure, there are conveniences for buying online, or at big chains, but you don’t really know if the person who actually made the thing you’re buying was paid a fair salary, if they were mistreated, or if the product itself is totally safe.

Those are some of the reasons I’m working to get back to a simpler way of life. I’ll not forsake convenience, for sure, but when I can, I’ll get out and find those little places nearby that are 100% local, and I’ll support them, and the people who run them.

DAY 253 HOMEWORK: Get off the beaten path and find some local vendors. Support them as you can.


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